CS 528 Project 2 - Marco Polo V2 - Electric Boogaloo

Project Idea

The idea of the project is to create a virtual environment space that will need navigation from point A to point B in a map. The player will not be able to see the environment. Instead, they will be guided by audio. An audio clearly for assisting the player will be provided.

There will be several levels consisting of increasing difficulty. The current levels are as follows:

In levels that include colliding walls, the player will lose if they contact the wall. In levels that include objects walking toward the player, the player will lose if they contact the object.

The player will begin at the top of a “tower” where the objective is to reach the bottom of the tower. Thus, they will start at the “highest” level. “Lower” levels will indicate increasing difficulty. In between each level, they will find themselves in a “safe” level so that they can open an options menu, or move to the next level.

When the player reaches the bottom of the tower and clears it, they will be shown the final level and given the option to add one of several options to the final level. This object will impair other players of the session, but will reset upon restarting the project.

Intended Environment

The intended virtual environment will be generated and purposed for the VIVE, as it will allow for motion control through physical walking in space, rather than the CAVE2, which allows for motion control through directional input.


Potential Additions

Supporting Resources for Project Evidence